The Library

The smell of musty tomes assaults your nose as you step around the door. The library is a relatively empty room; a clear space in the centre surrounded by desks, to which large tome are chained.
Scuffed chalk marks, ingrained into the wooden floor, make an approximate star shape and traces of some less describable substance cling to the cracks between the boards.

Looking round, the majority of the works are padlocked shut, but somebody has obviously being referring recently to "TUT Z-A", "The Bumper Book of Humorous Mythos Songs", "TUTlish Words and Phrases", "The Eye of Argon", "The Evil Eye - Argon II", and "TUT Quote Tome", as they sit open, exposing the blasphemous text to the odious air which pervades the space around them.

I'd escape back to the hall if I were you.

Tuesday, 08-Feb-2000 10:36:38 GMT