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My diverse and confusing email addresses

A convention

In the interests of not making things too easy for harvesters, I've left the domains off the addresses - so, for instance, becomes user@. It should be obvious from context what they're referring to. addresses

Administrative addresses

There are a few of these - postmaster@, hostmaster@, root@. For reporting serious stuff like server misconfiguration, DNS issues, mail abuse and so on.

Personal addresses

Short version: Use any of: mjc42@, mut@, mat@. They all go to the same place.

Long version: Yes, addresses plural. I have what appear to be an awful lot of very similar addresses. What's going on here is that mail to the different addresses is automatically shuffled into different mailboxes. My base address is mjc42@ but I usually add tags for different functions - so mail about the website should go to mjc42-www-03@, mail about my LiveJournal goes to mjc42-livejournal@, mail from the OpenBSD security list goes to mjc42-lists-openbsd-security@ and so on. Basically, just send to whichever address crops up in the context and the email will go to the right place. I also have a couple of other addresses: mat@ and mut@. They point to exactly the same place as mjc42@ and are just there to catch mail intended for me where the sender guessed at my address.

Other addresses

Best way to get in touch with me if there are technical problems with Use physicsdog@. Heavily spam-filtered.

My account. Use mjc42@. Gets forwarded to gmail.

email info

Thanks to The Dragon De Monsyne for providing webspace on

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